In the light of the imminent legalization of the medical cannabis industry; The Zubenathi Trust took a resolution to consult key public and private sector stakeholders in the Cannabis industry to form a Cannabis Developing Council of South Africa (CDCSA).

To this end the Zubenathi Trust first approached the Eastern Cape Premiers office to support the setting up of the CDCSA and position the Eastern Cape as South Africa’s pioneering Cannabis Agro-processing Hub.

Armed with an in principle buy in from the Premier office, Zubenathi Trust started the process of consulting with some non government stakeholders with vested interest in Cannabis. The stakeholders that where consulted including: Traditional leaders (The Khonjwayo Traditional Council); Traditional Healers (The Traditional Healers Organization) Organization, Spiritual formations like the RasTafari (Nyahbinghi National Council) as well as cannabis enterprises like Hemporium, House of Hemp, Indalo Hemp Forum, Canna Culture SA, Stella Connect and other affected development organizations like East London Industrial Development Zone.

It is envisaged that the first task of the CDCSA working committee will be to consult further and include all relevant non government stakeholders in the cannabis community including others with IKS rights to cannabis (Traditional leaders, traditional healers, traditional spiritual formations); other private sector industry players, farming community, development workers, investors, service providers, and all affected parties, The CDCSA will be an all inclusive allowing everyone from the private to participate and contribute towards the forming of a cannabis regulatory authority that ensures equal and equitable opportunity to access legal permits and license.

The CDCSA will also solicit submissions from many other South Africans which will be able to participate in an online public consultation that will be set up under the website for public comment.


To facilitate the development of a cannabis industry cluster, providing opportunities and jobs for South Africa’s most impoverished rural communities.